What To Wear For An Indian Girls’ Night Out in USA

Well if you are an Indian origin and going for a traditional Night out in the USA, this guide may give you few Ideas.

There may be many reasons for having a traditional ethnic night out with your friends. e.g. Night out with your friends before your big fat Indian wedding. Or going out for a festival celebration or may be a birthday party where dress code is Bollywood.

Isn’t it exciting? I will help you out with what Indian dresses you can wear for your ethnic night out in the USA.

Salwar Kameez

This will be our first preference for you as this Indian dress is easy to wear and manage.

Dont go for heavy embroidery, keep it simple and light weight.

Salwar suit is basically a punjabi dress but suitable for all women. It is three piece dress that includes Kameez or a long shirt, salwar that has lot of room in it but you can get tight one as well and Dupatta or stole.

Kurti or Indian Tunic

If you prefer you donot have to have stole or hijab with it. Just wear top and pants.

Indian Tunics could be very vibrant and rich in colours with traditional embroidery and motif designs.

Another version of it could be Kurti or Indian Tunic. You can wear it with jeans or leggings and no need of a dupatta with it.


This Indian dress is also three piece attire.

Top is much longer like a gown but lot of flair to the skirt. And pant is usually skinny around calf and has lot of gathering around ankle.

Indian Saree

This is one of the most beautiful attire from India and very ancient too.

Saree is a long fabric that your wrap around your waist and drape it over your shoulder.

For party you can have plain sarees made of chiffon, georgette or net fabric. If you are slim and tall, this is for you.

It could be difficult to wear a saree if you are not used to wear it before. Therefore if you are buying an Indian Saree make sure to ask the vendor to make it a ready made saree.

You can wear a Ready made saree just like a skirt and drape remaining fabric around your shoulder. It is that easy.

Do not wear it if you are not accustomed to it. Once you are in party mood and have few shots of tequilas you may not be able to handle this dress.

So here is a brief list of Indian dress for your night out.

Share your experience below if you have tried any of Indian dresses for a night out, we will be glad to feature your experience with our readers 🙂

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